Cat House alumnus Gus wishes supporters, adopters, volunteers, and cat lovers everywhere happy holidays!

When Santa asked Gus what he wanted for Christmas, Gus said he wanted all cats to have safe and loving homes like he has.  Of course, Santa agreed with that, but wondered if Gus had a more achievable wish, it being mid-December already, and Santa being a wee bit busy with toy manufacturing and sleigh maintenance.  Gus gave it some thought (you can see him thinking hard in this picture, can’t you?), and said that he’d like people to support The Cat House, so the cats and kittens there will have a safe place to live until their people come along.  Gus knows that year-end donations keep The Cat House’s doors open year-round.  When Santa mentioned that The Cat House is renovating a building for their new shelter, Gus (who always had a head for numbers) realized that this results in more expenses.  So Gus says, “Please donate to The Cat House to help all the cats who haven’t yet found servants like I did.”  Gus also said, “Please buy me more catnip sticks – this helps The Cat House and catnip makes me really goofy, too, so we all win!”