Cat House cats come from many different backgrounds, but they all have in common a desire for a home and family to call their own.  Young, experienced, large, small, shy, gregarious – they are all looking for a good home.  YOU can make a difference by adopting a cat, or cats, from The Cat House!

These are two of the fifteen kittens who came from Chappell, in western Nebraska, in late May.  The cat population had gotten out of control on this property, and a coalition of organizations (including Lincoln’s own Joining Forces, Saving Lives) got together to spay or neuter around 100 cats in just a few days.  Fifteen young kittens made the trip back to Lincoln so they could find great homes.  Thanks to wonderful foster homes, The Cat House was able to take in all fifteen.

The two kittens pictured below are Ashby, a polite but playful and affectionate, blue and white female, and Shellington, a sweet black male.  Ashby enjoys sleeping on your lap or your shoulder (once she’s worn out from playtime).  Shellington has been known to bathe humans as well as his friend Ashby.  Ashby and Shellington love to play together, and search for each other if they get separated in their foster home, so they want to be adopted together.  These kittens are available for adoption now, but are in foster homes until space is available for them at The Cat House; you can complete an adoption application here.  A volunteer will call to interview you; approved applicants can meet the kittens at their foster home.

More kittens are available for adoption; some are in foster homes and others are at our shelter at 3633 “O” St.  Watch for more pictures here or on our available cats page, or on our Facebook page.   Don’t limit yourself to one kitten – with so many cute kittens, adopt two!  Or more!