Felines of all ages make great companions, but there’s a special cuteness about kittens.  If you’re interested in adopting the ball of energy and cuddliness commonly called “a kitten”, we have a lot of them to pick from.  Please see our adoption page for information about our adoption process and a link to the adoption application.

Dennie and Devin are just two of our kittens available for adoption.  Their mother was found as a stray cat, hanging around an apartment building, obviously pregnant.  We don’t know how she came to be in that area, but we suspect that she was abandoned by a tenant who moved out.  Luckily, a kind person agreed to care for the mother cat until her kittens were born and the entire family was ready to come to The Cat House.  Their mother and other siblings have been adopted; Dennie and Devin, sister and brother, are ready to find homes of their own.