Felines of all ages make great companions, but there’s a special cuteness about kittens.  If you’re interested in adopting the ball of energy and cuddliness commonly called “a kitten”, we have a lot of them to pick from.  Please see our adoption page for information about our adoption process and a link to the adoption application.

Thelma and Louise are just two of our kittens available for adoption.  They are sisters born around April 10th, and both were born missing most of their left rear leg.  This does not slow them down at all, and the only special care they need is when they have an itch on that side of their neck – you’ll have to scratch that itch for them!  These sisters are very playful and especially enjoy toy mice that rattle, and string-type toys.  Both have great purrs that start as soon as they see you.  Thelma, patch tabby and white, and Louise, tortoiseshell and white, are bonded and need to be adopted together.  They are so entertaining when they play together, you wouldn’t want to separate them anyway.