Without your help, we can't care for cats in need

Ways to Help

Without your help, we can’t continue to care, and find homes, for the many cats in need in Lincoln and the surrounding area. Many of the felines cared for by The Cat House, Lincoln’s no-kill shelter, wouldn’t stand a chance at a traditional shelter. We believe that cats of every age, health condition, and temperament deserve a loving home. Please help us with this mission. Help can take many forms:

Financial Help


The Cat House is funded by donations and adoption fees.  Adoption fees don’t even cover our vet bills, so we rely on donations to keep our doors open.

You can donate by check, by credit card or simply by shopping.

Go Shopping

Shop and Dine

You can help The Cat House at no cost to yourself, while doing things you do every day – shop, dine, and search!

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Supplies and Equipment

Wish List

It takes a lot of supplies and equipment to care for the 150+ cats and kittens in our adoption and shelter facility and foster homes. See a list of some of them on our wish list.  



The Cat House is staffed and managed by volunteers.  With a wide variety of tasks available, there’s sure to be something that interests you and will suit your schedule.

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