The Cat House was formed in 1998 by a group of cat lovers who saw the tremendous need for additional feline rescue and adoption resources in Lincoln, Nebraska. From the beginning, Cat House volunteers have pledged that no cat in their care will be euthanized, unless a terminal health condition has decreased a cat’s quality of life to the point where euthanasia is the kindest alternative. Cats of all ages, temperaments, and health conditions have a safe home at The Cat House until the right person comes along, no matter how long that is.

From our beginning as a network of foster homes, through various rented shelter facilities, to the purchase of our own home, The Cat House continues to be staffed and managed by volunteers. These hard-working, dedicated volunteers are committed to improving the lives of cats in Lincoln and the surrounding area. We care for an average of 150 cats and kittens on any given day between our shelter and adoption facility, and foster homes. As much as possible, cats are housed in cozy rooms, not confined in cages, giving visitors the opportunity to comfortably interact with the cats.

The Cat House also offers a trap-neuter-return program to humanely control the population of feral cats. This program improves the quality of life for stray and feral cats and for their human neighbors, as well as reducing the number of unwanted kittens.