Operating a cat shelter requires a lot of money, work, volunteers, and STUFF!  From the consumables – cat food, litter, bleach, paper towels, etc. – to bigger items like a printer or a washer/dryer.

In addition to the wish list below, please also see our Amazon wish list.

If you want to donate any of the items listed below, or other items, please bring them to our shelter during the hours listed at the left.  If you need to arrange for a different time, please email or phone to make other arrangements.

Canned cat food Pet carriers – hard plastic with metal doors
Dry cat food New or lightly-used cat trees, condos, and beds
Baby food – chicken, turkey, beef FortiFlora, ProFlora or Proviante probiotics
Goats milk (dried, not non-fat) New brooms and dust pans
Stainless steel or ceramic food/water bowls New mops and mop head replacements
Cat litter – non-clumping Science Diet prescription foods – C/D Stress, I/D
New litter boxes – large Purina prescription foods – NF
Litter scoops Advantage, Frontline Plus, and Revolution
parasite treatments
Bleach Dish soap
Laundry detergent Dishwasher soap
Liquid hand soap Plastic spray bottles
Paper towels Printer/copier paper
Trash bags Cat toys – new or lightly used
Grooming supplies Laundry equipment – new or lightly used