Kittens! Lots of kittens!

Cat House cats come from many different backgrounds, but they all have in common a desire for a home and family to call their own.  Young, experienced, large, small, shy, gregarious – they are all looking for a good home.  YOU can make a difference by adopting a cat, or cats, from The Cat House!

This time of year is often called “kitten season”, for a good reason – many kittens are born in the spring and summer.  The Cat House has several kittens available for adoption in our shelter now, and more will be ready to find their forever homes soon.  Watch for more pictures here or on our available cats page, or on our Facebook page, or just come in to visit (website and social media posts may not always be current).   Don’t limit yourself to one kitten – with so many cute kittens, adopt two!  Or more!  The adoption fee for the second (and subsequent) adopted at the same time, or within three months, is half the usual amount!