Trixie is estimated to have been born in 2011. She came to us after her person passed away. Unfortunately, she was alone for a while before her owner’s passing was discovered. Trixie got so hungry that she ate a good number of rubber bands, so she got to have surgery shortly after coming to The Cat House! (Note that rubber bands have no nutritional value, and also are not processed by a cat’s GI system!). It was also discovered that Trixie is diabetic, another thing that caused her to be so hungry. Trixie is doing well on a specific diet and twice-daily insulin injections. Trixie would do best in a quiet home without small children or other pets. With her special medical needs, vet care expenses may be a concern. If you’re interested in providing a home for Trixie but are worried about the expense of her food and medications, talk to us about options like our permanent foster program for special-needs cats.

You can submit an application to adopt Trixie here.