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Giving up a cat is a heart-wrenching decision, but sometimes there seems to be no other option for a pet owner. We urge anyone in that situation to check with family or friends first, to see if the pet might be placed with a familiar person. We also suggest you discuss the specific reasons for surrendering a pet with your vet or one of our volunteers, to make sure that you are informed of all available options. You may contact a volunteer at . (You WILL receive a response to your email. Please check your "Junk" or "Spam" folder, as our response may be mistakenly identified as such. You are welcome to provide a telephone number, in case we are unable to reach you by email.)

As a "No-Kill" shelter, we are limited in the number of cats we can take in at any one time, as we never euthanize a cat or kitten for space reasons. Euthanasia is used only to relieve pain and suffering in an animal that is sick and not able to be rehabilitated.

Therefore, we can only take in cats as cats are adopted out. We work on a waiting list basis, however, the waiting list may be "closed" if the wait is likely to be longer than 2 months. Because there are so many unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens, do not be surprised if the waiting list is closed. When the waiting list is open, please see the waiting list procedures. Downloadable Waitlist Procedures and turn in form will be available soon.

Current Intake Status: Closed (please all our hotline (402) 441-9593, leave your information.
Current Wait List Status: Closed

  1. First, check with all your family, friends and acquaintances to see if they, or anyone they know, would be willing to take your cat or kitten. "Networking" is one of the most effective ways to place a pet.

  2. You can advertise your available cat or kitten in local papers and online resources, but never offer the animal for free. Always charge at least $15 minimum to discourage people with "less than honorable" intentions. Always carefully screen any potential adopters.

  3. is a good resource for listing your pet for adoption online. Go to and click on "Classified Ads" section. They are also a very good resource for finding other local organizations, and have lots of good "problem solving" information.

  4. Check with other "no-kill" resources in the area. For a partial list of some that we know of and/have worked with in the past, click here (opens a new window).

  5. We can list your cat on our website and will perform the initial screening of any applications received. Cats must be spayed or neutered, tested for feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus, and up-to-date on vaccinations. A donation for this service is appreciated.