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Pixie is like a super-model, with long elegant legs and tail, and the most beautiful face.  She’s a sweet and playful girl who came to us with one of her kittens (who has since been adopted).  She’s an easy-going cat who has been happily serving as a “house mother” for other kittens, but she’s ready to go to a home of her own!  Pixie is estimated to have been born in July 2014.  She gets along fine with other cats and should be fine with cat-friendly dogs as well.  Apply to adopt her here.



Tabitha is a fun-loving cat who especially likes to play with feather-wand toys – she’ll jump high in the air to catch them!  She was born in mid-2012, and was adopted from another shelter in late 2013.  After a few months, her owner decided he couldn’t care for her, and Tabitha found that she needed a new place to live.  After a stay in a foster home, Tabitha came to The Cat House.

While Tabitha can and has lived with other cats, she’d be just as happy to be an only pet.  If you’re looking for a cat who would be happy to be your only feline companion, Tabitha would be a good choice. Apply to adopt Tabitha here.



Pumpkin is a friendly and active guy who enjoys being picked up and carried around when he’s in a relaxed mood.  He gets along with other cats, and would love to go to a home with another young cat so they can play in the wild and crazy way that young cats do!

Pumpkin was born in early 2015.  He was trying to take care of himself in an east Lincoln neighborhood when a homeowner started feeding him and providing him shelter.  Unfortunately, that person wasn’t in a position to keep Pumpkin, so Pumpkin came to The Cat House.  Apply to adopt him here.



Sadly, Isis passed away on February 20, 2016, after struggling with health issues for several weeks.   We’re glad she was able to enjoy attention from our volunteers in the last few months of her life, but of course wish that she had been able to find another home of her own.  She’s healthy and playing on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge now.  We miss you, Isis!


Isis is a loving Siamese cat who finds herself looking for a home because her human companion passed away.  Isis tried living with a family member, but she and the dog didn’t see eye-to-eye.  Isis would like a fairly quiet home; she says she’s done with all the noise and activity of small children and is all about a sunny spot to relax in, and a person or people to call her own.



Donovan is a sweet and laid-back male cat, estimated to have been born in mid-2013.  He found himself in need of a new home when his owners moved to a place that doesn’t allow pets.  Donovan gets along with other cats, but he would also be fine as an only cat.  Either way, you’ll want to plan for some lap time, because Donovan loves to cuddle!

Donovan was  found to have Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which suppresses his immune system.  Cats with FIV can live a normal lifespan with good vet care.  Apply to adopt him here.


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