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Ben is a playful, smart, and snuggly guy, born in 2011.  He was found as a stray cat, and we don’t know anything about his life before then.  We can guess that he’d been on his own for a while.  He contracted feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), which means that his immune system is suppressed, but he is healthy and is likely to live a normal lifespan.  He’d be happy as an only pet, or rooming with other cats  Ben hasn’t let us know how he feels about dogs, but he’s likely to be fine with a gradual introduction.  You can submit an application to adopt Ben here.



Noisy is a friendly cat, with an estimated birth date in 2013.  She was found on her own and was thought to be pregnant, but actually just ended up being a little on the plump side.  Noisy loves to be petted.  While she will carry on a conversation, she’s happy to let you participate in that conversation and rarely raises her voice.  Noisy has a cute short tail which just adds to her charm.  She gets along with other cats, but would also be fine as an only pet.    You can submit an application to adopt Noisy here.



Willow is a fun cat who has an independent streak – she enjoys attention, but will be fine by herself while you’re away at work.  She gets along with other cats, but would also be fine as an only pet.  Willow was found as a stray cat; her birthdate is estimated to be in mid-2013.   You can submit an application to adopt Willow here.


Tuffy came to us when his owner’s health made it difficult for her to care for him.  Tuffy loves affection and will let you know when he expects you to give him some.   Tuffy was born in 2007, but often plays just like a kitten. You can submit an application to adopt Tuffy here.



Joon is a wonderful cat, with beautiful tortoiseshell markings.  She was born in early 2011.  Joon has a lot of energy and loves to play.  She gets along with children, dogs, and other cats.  She came to us when her owner passed away, and is ready for a new home and family now.  You can submit an application to adopt Joon here.


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