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Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty, with her beautiful blue and white coat, has a glamorous look about her, but she’s really just one of the folks.  She loves neck scratches and being talked to, and is looking for a lap to call her own.

Miss Kitty, who was born in early 2015, gets along with other cats as well as people.  We don’t know her history with dogs, but she’s likely to be fine with a cat-friendly dog after a gradual introduction.  You can submit an application to adopt Miss Kitty here.



Butterball is a big sweet lover of a cat.  He can be shy at first, but once you get to know you – be prepared to have a cat on your lap!

Butterball gets along with other cats and lived with a dog in the past.  He doesn’t understand young children’s noise and activity level, but would be fine with older children.  You can submit an application to adopt Butterball here.



Sakura was born in a Cat House foster home on April 28, 2016, after her mother was found outdoors on her own, and pregnant, and was taken in by The Cat House.  Sakura and her sister Azalea (who looks very similar to Sakura) were adopted as young kittens, but were returned due to the adopter’s health issues.

Sakura and Azalea have lived in a home with small children, and get along fine with them as well as with adults.  They are lap cats, but also enjoy play time with each other as well as with their humans.  If you’re looking for a great pair of young cats, Sakura and Azalea are a perfect choice!  You can submit an application to adopt Sakura and Azalea here.



Raina is a sweet young cat, with an estimated birthdate of mid-July 2016.  She was abandoned by her previous owners, but we have no idea why anyone would do that – she’s a wonderful cat who gets along with people and other cats.  She loves to play as well as cuddle.  You can submit an application to adopt Raina here.


Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson was abandoned in the area of a feral cat colony.  He had no idea how to fend for himself, and the other colony cats, as they often do, tried to protect their territory by chasing Mr. Wilson off.  He had a large wound on his side when he found a friendly person and asked to be taken away from the area.  After a hospital stay, and a couple weeks in a foster home, where his wound had to be packed twice daily, Mr. Wilson is ready to be adopted.

Mr. Wilson gets along with other cats, and is very friendly to people.  We don’t know how he feels about dogs, but he’s likely to be fine with a gradual introduction.  Mr. Wilson’s date of birth is estimated to be around early 2015.  You can submit an application to adopt Mr. Wilson here.


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