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Sadie was found outdoors, along with her very young kittens, and with a severe injury to her tail.  She’s happy to be indoors now at The Cat House, and that she is no longer in pain from that injury (her tail has been amputated, so she looks like a Manx).  But Sadie wonders when she will find a home of her own.  She’s a polite lady who doesn’t push up to the front when visitors come into her room; people may mistake her behavior for aloofness, but she’s a very friendly girl once you get to know her.  Give Sadie a chance, and she’ll be a devoted companion and cuddle buddy. Sadie’s birthday is estimated to be in mid-2012.  She has a lot of energy and enjoys playtime, but also appreciates some quiet lap time.  If you’d like to adopt Sadie, complete an adoption application here.



Violet is a sweet girl who likes to be petted and brushed.  She has a very plush brown tabby coat and pretty green eyes.  While Violet doesn’t talk a lot, when she does, you’ll hear her sweet quiet “meow”.

Violet was found as a young kitten in fall 2007; she had not interacted much with humans and it took her a while to learn to trust them.  She was adopted once but came back to us when she and the other cat in the household weren’t getting along.  But Violet now rooms with several other cats without problems, and enjoys attention.  Violet would prefer a home without small children or dogs.  If you’re ready to give Violet a forever home,  start by completing an adoption application here.


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